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Hi, we are Boltzmann

By now, we all understand that "data is the new oil"... But in reality, the true power of big data can only be harnessed in a refined form. Transforming your data into actionable insights is exactly what we do at Boltzmann on a day-to-day basis. All we need from you is the data you’ve gathered across the value chain of your company, and a willingness to innovate and prepare for the disruption in your respective industry.

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How we do this?

Thanks to our expertise in machine learning and data science, we enable our partners to add value to their core activities, whether this implies predicting human behavior, enhancing complex workflows, or detecting potential issues before they arise. A knack for data visualization and a healthy curiosity further supports our ambition to maintain a constant dialogue with our clients.

Why Choose us?

Our team includes seasoned cross-disciplinary experts in (un)supervised machine learning, deep learning, complex modelling, and state-of-the-art Bayesian approaches. Not to mention that Boltzmann accommodates specialists in untangling network interaction data, and has in-house experience with cutting-edge techniques like reinforcement learning and generative adversarial networks.

Data Science

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