Learn about Machine Learning

What can Machine Learning mean for me and my business? What is Machine Learning capable of? How do you structure a machine learning project? How does Machine Learning work in practice? What are the ingredients for a successful project?

Boltzmann offers workshops and training to allow you to get insight into the fundamentals and capabilities of Machine Learning.


Our team of experts is able to explain cutting edge research applied to real life use cases.


The combination of university professors and highly skilled machine learning practitioners results in a unique team that can educate and train people of all levels.

We provide a teaching team with skill set and background that best matches your industry. Every member of Boltzmann has a PhD, practical know-how and solid teaching experience. 


The courses and workshops include practical case studies and exercises with active guidance. All trainings can be offered at your company, at our offices, or in any major city world wide. Below we list some of the possible topics for which we provide top specialists in the field. Our courses are typically subdivided into two modules: business oriented and hands-on exploration. These modules can be combined or taken separately, depending on the audience. 

Birds-eye view


C-levels, Managers, BI-Staff, IT-Architects, and IT-Analysts


  • This business-oriented introduction gives an overview of Machine Learning essentials and interesting use cases.

  • We discuss the ingredients for a successful Machine Learning implementation.

  • We present important milestones and the future of Machine Learning.

  • At the end of this session, you will be able to spot real-life ML opportunities when you encounter them.

Hands-on exploration


From enthusiastic learners to technically skilled data scientists. Basic programming and mathematics background is required.


  • In this module, you will dive into real-life use cases.

  • Together, we build and co-create a solution to a problem that is relevant for your business.

  • The entire pipeline of a project is covered, starting from data collection all the way to validating your model.

  • After this session, you will have a solid basis for building predictive models with machine learning.

  • Depending on the audience, we describe in detail the underlying algorithms and/or dig into the mathematics. 

Offered courses

Below, we list a range of topics for courses Boltzmann has taught before. However, all courses can be tailored to your needs. Other topics that are relevant to your business can also be discussed. Combinations of topics are certainly an option. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

General introduction to Machine Learning
Fraud detection using analytics
Social network analysis
Financial analytics and big data
outlier and anomaly detection
Semantic search
Uncertainty in predictive modelling
Computer Vision
Your topic...

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