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Can you quickly dive into new topics and be creative with the latest Machine Learning algorithms? Do you have a coding craze and a desire to learn?


We are constantly on the lookout for new data scientists (PhD recommended)  and data engineers to join our team at Boltzmann. 


We also consider intern positions with a minimum of 4 months (Physics, Engineering, Mathematics or similar).​



Send us your CV and a cover letter and we will be happy to invite you for a first chat.​


What we offer

  • A competitive salary (with extensive packages) with opportunities to grow

  • Possibility to become cloud certified

  • Guaranteed access to resources for professional development and personal growth

  • A unique team of smart and competent scientists and engineers willing to help you to become a ‘data science/engineer rockstar’, but also eager to learn from you

  • A stimulating environment to keep up with the state of the art, and to explore and apply the latest research

  • The freedom and trust to take the lead in projects, define them with the client directly, and to take them into production 

development and operations SPECIALIST

  • As a DevOps specialist, you are our missing link between development and operations

  • Must-haves: 

    • You have experience in web application maintenance, web security and web infrastructure (server configuration)

    • You can work independently and can take responsibility for prioritizing your work

    • You are willing to interact with the team and teach them best practices

    • You have a “Can do” attitude: “Yes, and…” instead of “No, but…”

  • Good to have:

    • Knowledge of cloud platforms, preferably GCP, from VMs to serverless

    • Proficient in scripting in python

    • Comfortable in Linux and bash scripting

    • Experience with containerized solutions (such as Docker and Kubernetes)

    • Knowledge of  continuous integration / continuous delivery pipelines (such as GitLab and Google Cloud Build)

    • Familiarity with version control systems (such as Git)

  • An interest in pushing the boundaries of machine learning in Flanders (and beyond) with the rest of the team is a plus

Data Engineer

  • You hold an MSc or PhD degree in Computer Science or related fields

  • You have a strong interest in big data, machine learning and data science applications

  • You have excellent programming skills, including languages such as python, java, C/C++,...

  • You have a profound understanding of database tools such as Spark, Hadoop, Elasticsearch, and languages such as SQL

  • You have experience with containerized solutions (Docker, Kubernetes, ...)

  • You have a good understanding and practical experience with cloud-based solutions as well as on-premise deployment

  • Cloud certifications are a plus

  • You have a good understanding of distributed systems, massive data storage, and security 

  • Fluent Dutch or English is a must

  • You are a fast learner

Data Scientist

  • You hold a PhD in Physics, Mathematics, Engineering or similar through experience

  • You have been using machine learning throughout a number of recent professional or academic projects

  • You are able to explain complex models and techniques in clear, intuitive terms

  • You are willing to keep yourself up to date with the latest developments in ML 

  • You possess a problem solving mentality and go for a simple solution first

  • Python programming skills are highly recommended

  • You have experience in a few other programming languages (such as R, C, C++, Java, Scala, Matlab or Julia)

  • You have experience with database tools (such as Spark, Hadoop, Neo4j) is a plus

  • You are ready and able to take responsibility for delivering Machine Learning projects at clients

JUNIOR Data Scientist

  • You hold a master degree in Mathematics, Physics, Engineering or similar through experience with mathematical models

  • You are bright and eager to learn

  • You have decent hands-on experience with machine learning techniques

  • Some relevant working experience is a plus

PhD Intern

  • You are pursuing a PhD but you want to gain practical experience

Come and work for us for a few weeks or months as an intern to gain hands-on experience  (most Belgian PhD programs allow for this)

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