Benjamin, PhD

Co-founder and managing partner

Before Boltzmann, Benjamin worked as a researcher at the intersection of physics, economics and big data, where he analysed vast amounts of data generated by people going about their daily (economic) life. Alongside his PhD, he refined his knowledge of machine learning as well as finance.


Machine learning for finance and economics | Modelling network interactions | Data visualization

Ken, ir

Co-founder and managing partner

Ken has the hands-on experience to kick-start and execute our complex projects. For several years, he has worked in banking on the trading floor, and afterwards as a freelance modeller and a researcher in academia. With his background in physics engineering, he loves to build upon state-of-the-art machine learning in real-life applications.


Model uncertainty | Project ideation | Big Data applications


Co-founder and managing partner


Tim is our liaison with the finance and insurance industry and keeps us up to date with the latest academic developments. As a professor at KUL, he works on the development and application of robust statistical methods for financial, actuarial and economic data sets. He also holds chairs at BNPPF and Allianz.



Fraud detection | Robust algorithms | Knowledge transfer

CAMille, PHD

Head of machine learning and data science


Camille is our technical mastermind and is an expert in translating theory into practical solutions. He has successfully handled some tougher cookies than machine learning during his PhD in nuclear physics. His strong mathematical background allows for excellent insights on the inner workings of machine learning algorithms.



Technical mastercraft | Model uncertainty | High-performance computing

Pieter, PHD

Data scientist


Pieter is our main expert in creating understandable and justifiable solutions to data science challenges.  During his PhD, he focused on extracting actionable insights from workflow and business process systems. His main interest lies in incorporating domain knowledge in machine learning.



Model justifiability | Natural language processing | Business process intelligence

Erik, PROF

Co-founder and senior advisor


As director of valorisation at IMEC Erik has spent the last several years setting-up and coordinating transformational artificial intelligence projects in a wide range of industries. Furthermore, as a Semantic Intelligence professor at Ghent University, he heads a group of 50 researchers that fuse top-down semantics with bottom-up machine learning in large distributed web environments.


Fusion of semantics & machine learning | (Open) data governance advocate | Semantic web


Data scientist


Simon is our go-to-guy for questions on software engineering and data efficiency. During his PhD, he tackled a number of real-world electro-engineering problems with a mix of machine learning and physical modelling.


Software engineering | Generative models | Bayesian statistics


Product lead data science


Maarten is an expert in translating challenging problems into valuable solutions.

Before Boltzmann, he looked for solutions in nuclear physics during his PhD,

solved problems in financial markets in the dealing room of a bank and applied machine learning techniques in financial asset management. He likes to leverage machine learning to real-life business issues.


Machine learning in finance and economics | Time series forecasting | Business acumen

Our academic team

Sébastien, PHD

Data scientist

After his PhD in astrophysics, Sébastien spent two years in the UK building advanced models to study the rich data generated by the iconic VLT observatory. During that time he also refined his knowledge in machine learning and data visualisation. He currently maintains an active role in academic research while applying his expertise to specific business problems.

Dealing with complex and large datasets | Analytics and modelling |

Visualisation and interpretation

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